Cantare OC1

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Ships March 11, 2022


The latest canoe from Puakea Designs, designed specifically for smaller paddlers. More information coming soon!

"Because less wetted surface area means less drag.
Because less canoe in and out of the water means easier handling.
Because a smaller canoe means a lighter canoe.
Because one size does not fit all.

"At 18’3” the Cantare is a truly low volume hull designed for paddlers under 160lbs.
16.25” at cockpit for maximum comfort.
Lowered pedals to adapt for smaller feet.
Simplified deck to cut out any extra weight."

How to place your order

Because of the customization of boat designs, you will need to contact us to place your order. We typically receive 1-2 shipments of canoes and surfskis every year. Your order will be added to the next available shipment.

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