Palafamala Paddle

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Choosing blade width comes down to resistance. How much resistance do you want on your blade? 

The basic rule is to not pull your paddle back but instead pull the canoe forward. It really comes down to your strength and experience level. You’ll want to have enough blade to be able to hold the pressure without slipping while having enough strength to maintain a desired pace.

To keep it simple, the 9.25 is usually used for OC1 and the 9.75 is usually used for OC6 and the 9.5 is safe to use for both.


  • Prepreg carbon

  • Quality wood combination

  • Seamless and flawless


  • Carbon hybrid

  • Double bend

  • Extremely light


  • Blade length, 18”

  • Final degree on blade, 10

  • Average weight: 17 oz.