Steering Paddle

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The Pala steering blade comes in double bend or straight shaft.

Straight Shaft

This is the traditional steering blade set at 5 degrees. This degree allows for instant control of the canoe when “crabbing” or “J-stroking”.  It also allows you to have easy control of the blade when paddling in big waves or locking down a regatta-style turn.

Double Bend

The blade on the double bend is set at 7 degrees. This allows the steersman to blend in better with their crew when paddling. The double bend also allows you to relax your bottom wrist and pull at a stronger angle. If you are used to paddling with a double bend then steering with one will make you feel like more of a paddler. This blade is good for bottom grabbers and one handed pokers since it is easier to keep the blade flush to the hull by letting go of the T top.


When ordering your steering blade don’t forget to take into consideration that the blade is 22” long. You will want to make sure that you have the shaft length that you need to maintain the arm span that you are used to.