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A Tahitian V1 embracing simplicity and function, with a minimized cockpit cavity, adjustable ergonomic seat, adjustable foot brace, streamlined deck, new push-pin iako system, and redesigned ama for increased performance, resilience, and efficiency.

Introducing the FAI 4si by Fai Va’a, a crafted V1 design that blends innovation and performance. Built upon meticulous testing and collaboration with top paddlers, designers, and builders. the FAI 4si embodies the principles of simplicity and function while delivering exceptional comfort and safety.

Ozone and Fai Va’a proudly presents the FAI 4si, a carefully crafted V1 canoe that transcends traditional boundaries. Drawing inspiration from years of testing and collaboration, the FAI 4si seamlessly integrates innovation, comfort, and safety. Its water-avoidant cockpit is drastically minimal when compared to other V1 models, reducing bilge water, and weight and reducing distractions that hinder performance. The adjustable ergonomic seat offers optimal support, enabling paddlers to endure and excel with unwavering focus. Meanwhile, the streamlined deck is optimized for efficiency, minimizing resistance and maximizing speed. The redesigned ama delivers unwavering stability in calm or turbulent waters.

The FAI 4si also features a new ‘Ozone Rotate to Adjust’ iako system.

We are excited for all of you to experience this new iteration of the Fai Va’a V1 designs as the FAI 4si takes many ideas that were tested over a long period of time and implement them to give you all a better paddling experience and increased performance”. – Joey “Vatea” Bunton, FAI VAA

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