Vortex OC6

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Unleashed from limitations, Mike Giblin set out to to redefine the potential of OC6 performance.

The Vortex is an ultra light, ultra fast, ultra strong unlimited six person outrigger canoe.

Years of evolution in OC1 design led to a breakthrough when applied to OC6. The result was evident. The structural integrity gives this canoe a rigid responsiveness that improves the transfer of power with every push.

With adequate volume to handle Hawaiian waters the effortless acceleration changes the game of downwind paddling and flat water racing, it will bend what you think you know. Whether a heavy crew, or a light crew your team will benefit from the revolution in the OC6 experience.

The Vortex comes to you fully loaded, we took out all the stops. It is overbuilt at 145lbs, single piece ama, spray skirts, foot braces, GoPro mount, paddle holders and much more.

The Vortex is built with Ozone’s innovative monocoque 100% carbon construction. Lighter, faster, stronger.

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